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Pioneering spirits.

Innovators in their fields.

Passionate advocates for education.

Dominican University is proud to introduce the Dominican Fund Council, alumnae/i and friends representing the many faces of a Dominican education. Their reasons for giving back to Dominican are as diverse and unique as each of them, but they share a common passion: a commitment to the transformative power of a personally focused, high-quality education. That’s why they support the Dominican Fund.

Gifts to the Dominican Fund provide for scholarships, service initiatives, and the support that enhances our students’ experiences. We are proud to share inspiring testimonials from our Council members about why they give to the Dominican Fund.

Ellen M. Bendry ’57, Co-Chair

“I remember when graduating from Rosary my mother (class of 1924) saying "we will be good to Rosary; they were good to us." We felt it was a privilege to attend a school taught by the Dominican Sisters.  They helped us in all aspects of our lives. I am proud to support the Dominican Fund to help students have an opportunity to obtain a Dominican education.”

Shanon J. Cole ’98, Co-Chair

“I support DU because they provide a quality education for the whole individual (intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual) regardless of their economic background, while still enabling the individuality of each person who attends. You never feel like a number being thrown through the system. DU provides students with small school attention but with a world of opportunities.”

Mary Alice Mulhern ’74, Co-Chair

“I support DU because they focus on ensuring that those who are first in the family to go to college receive an academically impressive education in an environment designed to nurture and support them.”

Erick Baumann ’93

“I give back to Dominican University because it will always hold a place in my heart. Being an alum and a long-time staff member, I have seen and experienced the impact that the university can have on a life.  Be it alums that come back and share stories, or the current student-athletes in our programs, I hear the stories of the bonds and friendships that have been cultivated at Dominican and understand that the Dominican Fund is making a difference in the lives of those that attend. “

Melissa Chavez ’18

“I support Dominican University through the Dominican Fund because it provided me with the resources to attend a school surrounded by a community of encouraging professors, staff and fellow peers who became an integral part of both my personal and vocational growth throughout my undergraduate journey.”

Annette J. Clemens ’92

“I give to Dominican University because it is the place where I had the opportunity to learn from faculty who cared deeply about the educational development of every student. Also, I give because Dominican University is the place that clearly lives its mission of creating ‘a more just and humane world’ like no other organization that I've experienced. They know how to empower students to meet the challenges of our time.”

Lois K. Dittus ’59

“I have always been extremely thankful for my Rosary education; both the knowledge and the logical and critical thinking skills I acquired. They have enabled me to adjust to many types of job situations throughout the years. I feel strongly that these advantages be available to today's students. I support the Dominican Fund because I want Dominican to be a viable institution in the future, passing along knowledge, student-centered philosophy, and spiritual development to future generations. Donating has also kept me connected to the university and to other people sharing the vision."

Elizabeth Enciso ’18

“I have Dominican faculty and staff to thank for never giving up me and helping me succeed. Coming in as a freshman, I was unaware of the challenges I would face. With the hardships I encountered, Dominican made it possible for me to get an education.”

Kathy Giamalva ’60

“I contribute to Dominican University because I was raised on Rosary/Dominican! As a child, I learned the importance of education. My parents were the first in their families to go to college.  My mother graduated from Rosary in 1928 – a member of Rosary’s first 4-year class.

I graduated in 1960 and have always cherished the liberal arts education I received at Rosary/Dominican. It instilled in me a lifelong love of learning and the desire to pursue religious and social justice issues. Because of my gratitude to Dominican for providing wonderful training for my teaching career and graduate study, I want other students to have this great opportunity. This is why I give an annual unrestricted gift to the Dominican Fund. I know it is a donation appreciated and used wisely.”

Mary Alice Griesinger ’75

“When I started college at Dominican I had dreams of becoming a person who helped people in what they wanted to do and Dominican fulfilled those dreams for me... Now I want to give others that chance to become what their dreams are...  Truly, I changed both my life and my family - a semester in London made me want to travel the globe, and that started my family on becoming world travelers.    I hope to give the ability for Dominican students to have dream made possible...”

Anthony E. Powers ’82

“I give to the Dominican Fund to ensure that succeeding generations of DU students have access to the same quality education that I received.  The ability to think critically with a social justice perspective, the spirit of Caritas Veritas, are qualities that the Dominican experience uniquely provides and are necessary to preserve.”

Sister Peggy Ryan, OP, ’79

“Looking back, I support DU because it is part of my family history and an important part of my past.  Looking forward, I give because I believe in the mission of the University to prepare students to pursue truth and create a more just and humane world.”

Matthew A. Toles ’97

“As an alum and an adjunct faculty member, I am proud to be a leadership donor to the Dominican Fund. I am grateful for the Dominican education I received and feel privileged to have the opportunity to teach and work with students. I see first-hand how annual gifts impact our students and the programs that are essential to their success.”