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Statement of Support for Hispanic/Latino/a/x/e Communities

Dominican is a Catholic Hispanic Serving Institution with a large Hispanic student population. The CCL proudly stands in solidarity with Hispanic/Latino/a/x/e students, faculty, staff and the surrounding Chicagoland community that make up a rich culture and history at DU. With Dominicans' growing population of Hispanic students, the CCL has several programs designed to develop this population's assets and meet their unique needs, including:

  • El Centro provides culturally relevant advising
  • Family Academy in Spanish and English
  • Spanish-speaking staff and resources
  • Annual Latine Heritage Month celebration

Statement of Support for Immigrant Communities

The CCL stands in solidarity with immigrant communities who are racialized, victimized and discriminated against while they seek asylum and a better quality of life for their families. We advocate for comprehensive immigration reform that rejects the dreamer narrative and acknowledges cultural and historical differences among immigrant communities. Immigrant students and families are celebrated and welcomed at Dominican University. As such, we subscribe to the sanctuary campus movement that commits to supporting, advocating with and for immigrant communities.

Learn more about Dominican's sanctuary campus covenant.

Statement of Support for LGBTQ+ Communities

The CCL stands in solidarity with all LGBTQ+ students, faculty and staff who enrich DU’s community and campus culture. We are grateful and fully support the work of PRISM, Dominican’s LGBTQ+ student affinity group that advocates for equitable policies and inclusion for students from the LGBTQ+ community. The CCL acknowledges the historical violence that LGBTQ+ people face and stands against all forms of discrimination against them.

Read about PRISM’s amazing leadership in creating a more inclusive campus climate through the annual Drag Show.

Statement of Support for Black and African American Communities

The CCL stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as with all Black and African American people who have been and continue to be victims of white supremacy and violence at the hands of the state. We celebrate and acknowledge Black joy and Black excellence. 

Learn more about the advocacy work DU student leaders have done to promote solidarity across diverse racial groups and social justice: