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37th Annual Illinois Medieval Association Conference

February 20, 2021: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM CST

Hosted by Dominican University, River Forest, IL
Welcome to the 2021 IMA Conference.

Please use the Schedule page for links to each online session.


The Medieval Present

Inspired by concerns lately held in common with our historical subjects of study, members of the IMA will be discussing premodern responses to crises, premodern authors’ influences on one another, medieval cultural influences on modern perspectives, and pedagogical methods for encouraging students’ interest in interdisciplinary medieval studies.

In response to current global events, this will be the first IMA conference to be held online. Presentations will be recorded, so those who are registered but unable to personally attend sessions can later access them. Transcriptions will also be provided. Please visit the links on the left to see the schedule and presenters. Registration is needed to access the sessions and their recordings, and your optional donations will contribute to future IMA events, funding opportunities for medieval scholars, and the publication of our annual journal, Essays in Medieval Studies.

image credit: Battle de Meiux in Brei, défiete des Jacques (1358) Ms 511-fol. 140r, Bibliotèque municipale de Toulouse