Resources provide links to historical information about the Dominican family in the United States as well as archival methods. Included is a chart that provides the founding dates of various U.S. Dominican entities—friars, nuns, laity and apostolic sisters from 1804 to the present. A Brief History of the Dominican Order in the U.S., by Sister Nona McGreal, OP offers an overview of the development of the Dominican family. Dominican Monastic Search is a journal first published in 1980 and produced by the Conference of the Nuns of the Order of Preachers of the United States. Dominican nuns authored the majority of articles, which explore Dominican theology, spiritualty and insights gained from study and prayer. Enjoy articles dedicated to the art of oral history and archival resources are a must for new archivists.

Dominican Foundations

A Brief History of the Dominican Order in the U.S.

Dominican Monastic Search

Oral History Resources

Archival Resources