Dominican Archivists and Historians' Conference

Sister Mary Nona McGreal, OP shaped the creation and implementation of the In Our Keeping (IOK) Conferences. The Parable Conference for Dominican Life and Mission sponsored the IOK Conferences that took place between the years 1984 and 2000. The IOK Conferences brought together Dominican historians, archivists and congregational secretaries from all over the United States in an effort to understand and write the history of the U.S. Dominican family. The programs provided scholarly lectures about Dominicans in U.S. history as well as archival workshops on organizing and preserving documents and sessions that addressed the latest technological advancements.

After the dissolution of the Parable Conference in 2009, the Mary Nona McGreal, OP Center accepted the responsibility of sponsoring the In Our Keeping Conferences from 2008–2012. Dominican University hosted all for the conferences. Representatives from all branches of the Dominican family attended the conferences from 2008–2012. Dominicans from approximately 12 states and three countries participated in the biennial event. Accomplished historians of United States history as well as Dominican historians provided the keynote addresses. 2012 marked the last In Our Keeping Conference.

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June 2012

"On the Frontlines in Chicago"
Ellen Skerrett
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"The Gift of the Parable"

"The Holy Preaching from a Nun's Perspective"
Sr. Mary Thomas Michalek, OP
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"21st Century Preachers"

"In Search of a Larger Pulpit"
Ann Willits, OP
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"22nd Century Question"


"An Evening of Gratitude and Celebration", Part One

"An Evening of Gratitude and Celebration", Part Two

"Changing History: Catholic Sisters and the American Church"



July 2010

"Doing History as a Sacramental Remembrance" (pdf)
Suzanne Noffle, OP

June 2008

"The Study of History in the Transmission of Dominican Values" (pdf)
Barbara Beaumont, OP (S.H.O.P.)