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To sign up to interact with current students, please complete the form, or email the Office of Alumnae/i Relations at

The Office of Alumnae/i Relations is committed to building relationships for the Dominican community—with one of the most important connections being between our current and our soon-to-be alumnae/i! Current students can benefit from the members of the alumnae/i community sharing their insight. Practical advice from a fellow Dominican can be instrumental in a budding career.

The Office of Alumnae/i Relations works with a number of campus partners to introduce alumnae/i to current students. Examples of opportunities could include informational interviews, classroom discussions, or simply arranging time to answer questions that may come up around professional or career-search scenarios – our students love hearing from alumnae/i who have been in their shoes!

Expectations for Alumnae/i
  • Ability to share insights and reflections from his/her professional experience
  • Timely and respectful responses to student questions or concerns
  • Willingness to assist with expanding the student participant’s network (i.e., LinkedIn)
  • Eagerness to provide advice about post-grad opportunities
Matching Process

Alumnae/i and students will be matched based on a variety of criteria, including, but not limited to: major/minor, job function, past experience, and shared interest. Both alumnae/i and students should connect via LinkedIn to be able to expand their online networks and presence; though, their typical communication may be completed via whatever channel they see fit.

Time Commitment

We realize that time is one of our most valuable resources. If you are an alumna/us and considering being more involved with students, please consider filling out our interest form. We will work with you to find an opportunity that best fits your schedule.