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You are invited to events on campus and around the nation. From Rosarians to recent grads, there’s something for everyone. Click on each event for details and visit us often for the latest on events!

Are you interested in hosting an event in your area? Contact us at or call us at (708) 524-6286.

Past Events

Homecoming 2023

September 14–16, 2023
Join the Dominican University community to celebrate Homecoming 2023! Come and be a part of the annual Homecoming weekend with the Office of Alumnae/i Relations! Learn more.

Welcome Alumni Sign Reunion
Reunion 2023: June 10

June 10, 2023
We were so excited to welcome you back to campus to see all that has changed—the new Welcome Center, the Learning Commons, the Heritage Mural—and all that has stayed the same—the beautiful campus, the friendly faces, and the commitment to a rigorous education.

Memorial Mass 2022

November 6, 2022
We remembered deceased members of the Dominican community at our annual Memorial Mass. Watch Recording.

Faculty Presentation: Timothy Milinovich

The Haunting of Dominican!
Professor Timothy Milinovich shared stories that have been passed down over the years from the halls of Dominican's gothic buildings and campus (is that an organ playing, mysteriously, late at night?). He also discussed ways theology, horror, and biblical studies intersect. Read more and watch his full presentation.

Reunion 2022: Glena Temple's Presidential Briefing

June 11, 2022
During Reunion weekend, President Glena Temple gave an update on the university in the Eloise Martin Recital Hall. Watch Now.

Faculty Presentation: Jake Bucher

Restorative Justice In Our Society
Jake Bucher, Founding Dean for the College of Applied Social Sciences, talks about his teaching of the Introduction to Sociology, Juvenile Justice, and Criminal Justice course that he delivers in the Inside-Out mode at Cook County Jail. Watch his full presentation

Faculty Presentation: Mickey Sweeney

Magic, Witches, and Women Who Know Too Much
Mickey Sweeney will reveal through imagery and the written word, insights into some of our most notable literary figures and draw through-lines to how women are portrayed today. Watch her full presentation.

Faculty Presentation: Dr. José Blanco F.

Redesigning Fashion: How the Pandemic Changed Fashion Week
Dr. José Blanco F. shares insights on how, in just a few months, COVID-19 upended the fashion show industry. Watch his full presentation.

Faculty Presentation: Drs. Irina Calin-Jageman and Robert Calin-Jageman

Why Do We Forget? Using Sea Slugs to Understand Memory and Memory Loss 
Drs. Irina Calin-Jageman and Robert Calin-Jageman research Aplysia californica (i.e., sea slugs) to help determine why neural connections are lost and, in some cases, regained. Watch their full presentation