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Graduating high school seniors who apply to the university may be recommended by Dominican freshman counselors or individual high school counselors to participate in the Rising Stars Program in conjunction with Triton College.

Selected students who opt to join the program are required to complete an “Intent to Enroll” form, which also serves to grant permission for subsequent record sharing between Triton and Dominican. Participating students will either finish an Associate in Arts degree (AA), or complete the General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) at Triton before fully committing to Dominican as a transfer student. Students will also benefit from dual admission to Dominican during their time at Triton by enrolling in the first Enduring Questions Seminar (The Examined Life First-Year Seminar), and having access to Dominican facilities, events, academic advising, as well as opting to live in the Dominican residence hall.

RSP is also open to current Triton transfers who commit to enrolling at least half a year before actually transferring.