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Five reasons this period of uncertainty is a great time to consider a graduate degree

There’s no question a top-tier graduate education pays lasting dividends—from career advancement to higher earnings to meaningful impact in fields of critical need. In uncertain economic times, that’s even more true. Here are 5 reasons now’s the time to act:

You’ll have a competitive advantage

Millions of Americans have lost work during the COVID-19 pandemic. But economists at the International Monetary Fund are forecasting a rebound in 2021. By earning your graduate degree now, you’ll be in a stronger position to compete for the best jobs once hiring ramps up.

You can finish faster

If you’re working from home, you may have more time and flexibility to complete your master’s degree even faster. Nearly all of Dominican’s convenient and streamlined programs are offered either 100% online or in hybrid formats. As universities adapt to the coronavirus-related disruptions, many have introduced programmatic innovations in distance learning that will endure — for the better.

Your expertise will be in even higher demand

At Dominican, our graduate programs have always been focused on areas of critical need and high demand. As our economy and society recover, experts in these fields are going to be even more sought after. If you’re looking to advance to leadership positions or enter a new field, a time of economic shifts can be a great moment to make your move.

There are more entry points to graduate study

In many fields effected by rapid changes, like technology and business, non-degree certificate options have become a popular way to quickly train workers in targeted skills. That will continue to be the case during the pandemic recovery. Plus, if you decide to work toward a full degree, those credits often count.

Your employer may offer support

Surveys by the Society for Human Resource Management show around 50% of employers offer tuition assistance for graduate study. As more federal stimulus money becomes available, it is worth asking your employer about the options. They may also be willing to offer more schedule flexibility or extended leave for study.

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