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As the information landscape has become more complicated, organizations look to design and develop human-centered technologies with an intuitive user experience.  User experience (UX) is a design process that requires a deep understanding of users’ needs, values, abilities, and limitations to provide relevant and meaningful experiences to people. UX designers develop services, interactions, and experiences to deliver the information in an accessible manner at the appropriate time. UX designers develop information architectures, prototypes, interface designs, usability tests and evaluations.

The SOIS Certificate in User Experience provides:

  • A theoretical foundation which includes systems thinking, design thinking, requirements analysis, information architecture and design, user research, user experience, and web design to develop systems, solutions, and experiences to meet both individual and organizational needs. 
  • A practical foundation which includes applying user-centered and design thinking methodologies to research user needs, develop prototypes for systems, services, and experiences across multiple channels, and create content strategies to solve real issues.
Degree Requirements

The certificate is offered for students currently pursuing an MLIS, MSIM, or MPS at the School of Information Studies (SOIS) or to returning students who want to add the specialization to a completed post-graduate degree. Candidates work in collaboration with a faculty advisor to shape a plan of study. Certificate completion requires 15 graduate credit hours.

User Experience Curriculum
  • IM 703 Information Architecture
  • IM 760 Human Computer Interaction
  • LIS/IM 786 Advanced Web Design*
  • LIS/IM 754 Systems Analysis and Design
  • LIS 708 Evidence-Based Planning, Management, and Decision-Making

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*Students without sufficient HTML or web experience will need to take LIS 753 Internet Fundamentals and Design as a prerequisite as determined by the instructor.

Students are advised to apply to Dominican as MLIS degree-seeking students, although they may also complete the certificate as a as a post-masters certificate seeking student. Degree seeking students have six years to complete the full MLIS.

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