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Libraries, cultural heritage institutions, and other information-centric organizations regularly assess their collections, programs, and processes by using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand user needs and have more responsive management. Assessments are used not only to understand the needs of the users, but also to determine how to support these needs and to evaluate how well the needs are being met. The data provided by thorough assessment can provide information to avoid risks and anticipate problems. Many libraries and information-centric organizations have implemented an ongoing, systemic process of assessment for strategic planning, operational tactics, and continuous improvement. 

The SOIS Certificate in Assessment provides:

  • A theoretical foundation of the values, methodologies, and applications of assessment, as well as an understanding of the social and organizational environments in which assessment occur.  
  • A practical foundation which includes using a wide variety of methods and tools to evaluate, measure, and document collections, programs, processes and other areas of organizations.
Degree Requirements

The certificate is offered for students currently pursuing an MLIS, MSIM, or MPS at the School of Information Studies (SOIS) or to returning students who want to add the specialization to a completed post-graduate degree. Candidates work in collaboration with a faculty advisor to shape a plan of study. Certificate completion requires 15 graduate credit hours.


Certificate completion requires 15 graduate credit hours, including:

  • LIS 708 Evidence-Based Planning, Management, and Decision-Making
  • IM 704 Data Structures
  • IM 720 Data Analytics
  • IM/LIS 884 Big Data
  • Either LIS Community Informatics OR LIS 749 Crisis Informatics

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Students are advised to apply to Dominican as MLIS degree-seeking students, although they may also complete the certificate as a post-masters certificate-seeking student. Degree-seeking students have six years to complete the full MLIS.

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