The 2021 URSCI Expo and Global Learning Symposium will take place on April 7, 2021. All classes will be suspended that day. 

2020 URSCI Expo and Global Learning Symposium
Wednesday, April 8, 2020 

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Download the Program Overview (accepted presentations)

The URSCI Expo and GLS is a daylong showcase of Dominican University undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate students’ research, scholarship and creative investigations as well as an opportunity for students to share experiences that have shaped their global understanding. Students who have worked on research projects, received Undergraduate Research Support Awards, were awarded URSCI Summer Scholarships, completed Degree with Distinction Projects in the Honors Program, or have received faculty support and notice for other strong academic work are invited to give oral or poster presentations. In addition, international students and students who have studied abroad or have worked across cultural divides at home through community-based service are invited to share their experiences.

Students can participate in the event by

  • Giving oral presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Participating in panel presentations (usually with a maximum of 6 panelists per panel)
  • Exhibiting their artwork

The deadline for submitting applications for presentations was Saturday, February 29

  • All applications must be submitted by a current DU student and must be approved by a faculty mentor. The faculty mentor must be specified by the student during the application process. The application is considered complete only after the faculty mentor has approved the submission. 
  • Students need to talk with their faculty sponsor prior to submitting an application and work with their mentor to compose an appropriate title and meaningful abstract.
  • Students can submit only one application.
    • Students who wish to give more than one individual presentation, must email the URSCI Director at If two or more applications are submitted by a student, the registration system will only retain the last application submitted and any previous applications will be lost. 
    • Students who want to give more than one presentation as part of one or more groups, should ask other members of the group to submit the application on behalf of the group.

Application (Note that the application requires logging in to myDU.)

All posters in the poster sessions will be judges by faculty and staff and awards in a variety of categories will be announced at the end of the day. All URSCI Expo and GLS visitors and participants are invited to submit up to five votes for the "most popular poster" vote. Fellow students can support the presenters and look for inspiration for their own research projects. They can also vote in the poster competition.

Recent Expo Presentations
  • Organic chemistry (Coffee Grounds: The Future Fuel for Cars)
  • Apparel merchandising (Rebel Rousers: Analyzing the Boy’s Clothing Market)
  • Computer science (Cloud Data Services)
  • Music (The Evolution of the Modern Bass Guitar)

If you have any questions about the URSCI Expo & GLS, please contact: Marion Weedermann, Professor and URSCI Director

Expo Resources
Past Programs, Overview and Abstracts

Some links to the archived programs from previous years are no longer valid

After the Expo

For some students, presenting at Expo is just a taste of future successes. Recently, several Dominican students presented their research at professional scholarly conferences in their field. 

  • A psychology major won a Regional Research award from Psi Chi (the national honor society in psychology), along with the opportunity to present at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting.
  • Another psychology student received a travel award and the opportunity to present at the annual Society for Neuroscience meetings.
  • An English major traveled to the United Kingdom to present her undergraduate research project at a professional meeting (New Directions in Austen Studies).

“When one does any kind of meaningful independent research, there should always be a public outcome, whether it’s a presentation, a paper or an exhibit. Sharing your results with others is an important part of being a scholar.”
–Rebecca Pliske, PhD, Founding Director of URSCI and Professor, Department of Psychology