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Translators and interpreters effectively communicate the meaning and nuance of written and spoken words — building bridges to enhanced understanding. A major in Translation and Applied Cultural Studies will set you on the path for a purposeful career in a variety of multilingual settings and functions — from hospitals, offices, and courthouses to ad agencies, film studios and more.

Flourish in an in-demand field

A major in Translation and Applied Cultural Studies trains students to apply advanced linguistic and cultural proficiency in English and Spanish to the translation (written word) and/or interpretation (spoken word) of highly specialized content areas in the legal, medical, technical, educational, sociopolitical, literary and cultural fields. Blockbuster movies, television series, books, scientific research, video games, manufactured products, legal documents, pharmaceutical information, web content, advertisements, software, and hardware are, among many other examples, ways in which translators mediate and transfer textual, oral, visual, and physical products across cultures.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of interpreters and translators is projected to grow 24 percent by 2030— much faster than the average for all occupations—due to increasing globalization, migration, and diversity of cultural interactions across populations in the U.S. and elsewhere.
In this major, students will:

  • Train for professional employment as translators or interpreters in a variety of settings and functions.
  • Prepare to qualify for certification examinations in translation and/or interpreting as required by different professional or governmental organizations.
  • Maximize professional opportunities and access global multilingual job markets.
  • Meet the demands and advances in AI and smart technologies developing translation devises, software, and multilingual interfaces.
  • Become professionals in their areas of expertise with the ability to translate, function, and serve multilingual communities — across culturally and linguistically diverse, international markets.
  • Graduate as well-trained translators who will increase awareness of the ethical and social justice demands of translation services worldwide.

Build on your bilingual foundation

The Translation and Applied Cultural Studies major is geared toward students with native proficiency of spoken and written Spanish. Proficiency will be measured by language placement exam results, high school records and/or faculty assessment. Translation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish will be the primary focus of the program.

Beyond core classes, the program will consist of 30 credit hours of required courses in translation. Add a minor or second major to further specialize your work in translation. Compatible majors and minors include communication, computer science, health services, marketing, business, psychology and more.

To graduate with a major in Translation and Applied Cultural Studies, students will be required to earn a minimum of 124 credits.

International students who require an I-20 or DS 2019 may not apply to this program as it does not meet SEVIS requirements.

Sofia Olvera-Sandoval

Dominican Graduate

“My translation and interpretation classes taught me the responsibility and power that comes with translating material. My professors emphasized the importance of considering the context of my translation, making sure it’s accessible to my intended audience.”