If you are curious about why people behave the way they do, consider studying psychology—the science of mind and behavior.

  • Why are some people (but not others) willing to help strangers?
  • Can we be trained to learn more from our classes?
  • Do men and women differ in what they look for in a potential mate?
  • Do docile babies grow up to be easy-going adults?

The Department of Psychology at Dominican prepares students for post-graduate degree programs like social work, clinical psychology and art therapy and even undergraduate careers in law, banking or business. Undergraduate research opportunities and extensive classroom training in understanding human behavior, critical thinking and making arguments are available.

School of Social Work Partnership Program

The department of Dominican University has a partnership with the university's School of Social Work enabling students to enter the social work profession on an accelerated track.

Psychology majors may take two classes in the School of Social Work at Dominican University during their senior year (SWK 513 and SWK 514). These courses count toward the psychology major and may be applied to the master’s degree in social work (MSW). Students desiring a career in social work and who wish to attend the Dominican University School of Social Work should apply for admission during their senior year of study. Successful completion of these courses does not guarantee admission to this graduate program.

Career Opportunities

Because of its equal focus on verbal and quantitative reasoning, psychology makes a versatile undergraduate major. Graduates are well-prepared to pursue a variety of paths:

  • Social Services. Paraprofessional or administrative work in social service and mental health agencies is also a good option. But be aware that you’ll need an advanced degree to enter professional practice in these areas.
  • Graduate School. If you want to become a clinical psychologist, social worker, or similar professional, you’ll be heading to graduate school to earn a PhD, PsyD or MSW degree. Check out the American Psychological Association's website for career information.
  • Business. Typical jobs might include work in banking, retail, human resources, nonprofits and even entrepreneurship.
  • Law. Many psychology majors decide to go to law school. They realize psychology’s constant emphasis on drawing conclusions by summarizing the conclusions of others has prepared them well because the law operates in the same way.

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