The Department of Political Science at Dominican prepares students for careers in government, politics, public service, law, general business, and more. Students choose from two majors: political science and international relations and diplomacy

Political science majors study how and why societies have chosen to organize themselves in different ways, and how they interact. Subject-matter ranges from the political thought of Plato to the political, economic and social implications of the United States’ trade imbalance with China.

Within the political science major, there are four possible concentrations: political philosophy, political studies, international affairs, and legal thought. Students may also minor in political science.

Some students who study political science consider attending law school. The department houses Dominican’s pre-law advising program.

Career Opportunities

Referred to by many as the “queen of the liberal arts,” a major in political science opens the door to a variety of career possibilities, in and out of government. The major also serves as a valuable minor area of study that strengthens career prospects in other fields, including business, history, and modern language studies. Here are some of the many professions to which your political science degree could lead:

  • Government service
  • Government and business relations
  • Environmental action
  • Business administration
  • Association management
  • Nongovernmental organization (NGO) management
  • Journalism
  • Law

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