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Do you have a passion for nature? If so, this major is made for you. You’ll explore a range of scientific disciplines and the connections between them, gain a deep understanding of the natural world, and prepare for a rewarding professional life.

This is science without boundaries

In small classes, you’ll work side-by-side with scientists whose top priority is quality teaching. Through a wide-ranging curriculum that embraces biology, chemistry, environmental science, geology and physics, you’ll gain a big-picture perspective on science and the world. You’ll find a comfortable new home in Parmer Hall, the campus’s newest building, with 16 laboratories and state-of-the-art scientific equipment. You can tailor your curriculum to your professional goals with a concentration in environmental studies or the health sciences. You are strongly encouraged to complete one of the optional concentrations to have appropriate career preparation. This major is excellent preparation for a variety of fields, including medical technology, public health, forensic science, and education at all levels.

Amazing opportunities—on campus and beyond

Practical experience is built into the curriculum. Our internships draw on Chicago’s world-class research, cultural and medical resources. We make our connections your connections, so you can test-drive your dream job in the real world. With full faculty support and mentorship, you can conduct your own scientific research as early as freshman year, on campus or at research centers around the Chicago area. You may even qualify for a university research grant. You can combine academic study with compassionate service to people in need, or immerse yourself in a society and different culture through our outstanding study abroad program. You’ll have your choice of locations on four continents.

Christina Wilson

Natural Science Student

“As a natural science major, I work hands-on with bee colonies on campus. The bees provide an awesome educational experience. They are such complex creatures and we learn so much from their behavior.”

Discover something new

Undergraduate research is a Dominican trademark. You won’t have to wait until graduate school to work side-by-side with a talented faculty scholar. Our annual research expo in April will give you a chance to practice your presentation skills and show your stuff. Topics of recent student projects include: Behavior Genetics, Yeast and Bacterial Genetics and Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. Natural science majors who wish to teach elementary or high school students can combine their major with the Secondary and K-12 Education program. Offered by our excellent School of Education, the program includes a semester of student teaching.

Prepare for an intellectually compelling career

A survey of U.S. employers by Hart Research Associates found that 93% of bosses say that “a job candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, solve complex problems and communicate effectively” is the most important factor in hiring decisions. That is the essential skill set of our natural science graduates. This major is ideal for students who are flexible and curious—who like to use their minds in different ways. The curriculum prepares you for lifelong intellectual and professional competence. In the workplace, our natural science graduates know what they’re doing. They’re informed, thoughtful, open to new ideas, proficient with laboratory procedures and technologies, and able to adapt and thrive. They have earned their way into leadership positions in the professions of their choice.

Antonio Milazzo

Dominican Student

“The professors are demanding but also motivating. They really are mentors, and they make we want to work even harder in the classroom. My goal after graduation is to continue my education in dental school.”