If you are interested in learning how the natural world works from a variety of perspectives, consider choosing a major in natural science. This major requires a broad base of coursework including biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, and geology. This approach will allow you to recognize the interrelatedness of all areas of science. A natural science major prepares students for entry-level professional science, laboratory and government jobs. Students can also prepare for graduate education in nursing and other allied health fields. Many natural science majors participate in independent research or internship opportunities.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete one of the optional concentrations to have appropriate career preparation.

Health Sciences Concentration

The concentration in health sciences within the natural science major provides students with the necessary background to be competitive upon acceptance into an entry-level master’s degree program in nursing (MSN) and graduate programs in other allied health fields. Students choosing this concentration are required to complete a clinical experience of at least two semester hours.

Environmental Studies Concentration

This interdisciplinary field of study has an emphasis on human interactions with the environment and the public policies—locally, nationally and internationally—that shape those interactions. The student completing this concentration will have a strong background in the laboratory, in political science, and in business that is necessary to understand the complexity of environmental issues. Students choosing this concentration are required to complete an internship, independent study, or research in an environmental field of at least two semester hours.

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