The MBA/MSW (with Dominican University’s School of Social Work) prepares you in both social work and business practices for leadership in nonprofit, for-profit, or government agencies.
Business and Social Work—A Powerful Combination

Dominican University recognizes that an individual who possess the skills and knowledge of both a social worker and a business professional is exceptionally well prepared to lead an organization, whether it is non-profit, for-profit or governmental. To accommodate students who want to attain this level of professional preparation, the University’s School of Social Work and its Brennan School of Business have developed a dual degree program that allows students to complete both an MSW and MBA in a shortened period of time.

MSW Course Descriptions 
MBA Course Descriptions

For more information, please contact a member of the Graduate School of Social Work and the Brennan School of Business recruitment and admission team:

Brennan School of Business

School of Social Work
Kate Costigan
Graduate Recruitment 
(708) 524-6571

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