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In this powerful major, you’ll work at the intersection of two of today’s most important and compelling academic subjects. You’ll expand your capacity for critical thinking and problem solving—and enlarge your career options in a technology-driven world.

Work side-by-side with talented faculty

In small classes, you’ll immerse yourself in the subtleties of problem solving. You’ll study everything from algorithm analysis to multivariable calculus. Our faculty will work closely with you to design a degree program that meets your academic and professional goals. You can choose one of two high-demand concentrations: data analytics and mathematics and software development. This major is ideal for students who want to develop mathematical software, explore numerical methods of problem solving, or pursue a rewarding career in informatics, big data and data science.

Amazing opportunities—on campus and beyond

Practical experience is built into the curriculum. You’ll have access to the most up-to-date software and equipment (including Visual Studio, Eclipse, SQL Server, Maple, Minitab, Geometer’s Sketchpad, SAS and SPSS). Our internship program draws on Chicago’s vast corporate and cultural resources. We make our connections your connections, so you can test drive your dream job in the real world at places like Com Ed and Argonne National Laboratory. You can combine academic study with compassionate service to people in need, or complete your own, hands-on research project in close collaboration with faculty. You can even immerse yourself in a different culture through our outstanding study abroad program.

Phaulo Escalante

Dominican Student

“I completed an amazing internship at Argonne National Laboratory. My goal now is to become a software developer. I’m the first in my family to attend college and I want to be a role model for my younger brothers.”

Discover something new

Undergraduate research is a Dominican trademark. You won’t have to wait until graduate school to work side-by-side with a faculty scholar. You can even apply for university funding to support your work. Our annual research expo in April will give you a chance to sharpen your presentation skills and show your stuff.

Mathematics and computer science majors who wish to teach elementary or high school students can combine their major with the Secondary and K-12 Education program. Offered by our excellent School of Education, the program includes a semester of student teaching.

Prepare for success in fast-growing fields

A survey of U.S. employers by Hart Research Associates found that 93% of bosses say that “a job candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically and solve complex problems” is the most important factor in hiring decisions. That is the essential skill set of our graduates. As businesses increasingly rely on technological advances such as data collection and analytics, demand will continue to rise for professionals with a deep understanding of mathematics and computer science. This major combines two of today’s most demanding and relevant disciplines to prepare you for a wide range of careers.

Antonio Milazzo

Dominican Student

“The professors are demanding but also motivating. They really are mentors, and make we want to work even harder in the classroom.”