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Become a creative problem solver! The graphic design major blends in-depth study of the visual arts with hands-on practice at creating effective solutions to real-world communications problems.

Master the art of visual communication

As a graphic design major, you’ll work side-by-side with talented faculty who are passionate about art. You’ll learn to develop inventive visual concepts and execute them skillfully—and with the latest technology. With fellow students in small classes, you’ll present your work and discuss it in detail. In a curriculum rooted in the liberal arts, you’ll deepen your understanding of the creative process and expand your capacity for critical thinking and compelling visual, oral and written expression. You’ll come to understand a discipline that brings form and order to human activities, inventions and creations—and prepare for rewarding work in a corporate or studio setting.

Enjoy many ways to learn, on campus and beyond

Practical experience is built into the graphic design curriculum. Our internships draw on the vast cultural, business and professional resources of Chicago—one of the largest job markets for graphic designers in the nation. We make our connections your connections, so you can test-drive your dream job in the real world. To gain a global perspective, you can choose from among study abroad programs on four continents. Many graphic design students spend a summer in Florence—the center of the Italian Renaissance—taking studio courses in photography or drawing. Our Semester in London Program combines an absorbing academic curriculum with ample opportunities for creative expression. It’s a perfect combination for art students.

Design students who wish to teach art to kindergarten, grade school or high school students can combine their major with the Secondary and K-12 Education program. Offered by the School of Education, the program includes a full semester of clinical practice, split between an elementary school and a middle or secondary school.

The university’s Civic Learning Program enables you to combine academic learning with effective, compassionate service to people in need—in the Chicago area and around the world. The program has been nationally recognized for excellence

Millejie Ponte

Graphic Design Graduate

“I enjoyed all my classes, even the most challenging ones. My professors have a real passion for teaching, and I love getting to know them and my fellow students so well. I feel so lucky to be able to pursue what I love to do.”

Great facilities. Great resources

Our campus is an art student’s natural habitat. You’ll take classes in our Digital Media Center, which features large-screen iMacs, a photo lightbox, flatbed and film scanners, and comfortable space where you’ll critique and discuss your work alongside your fellow students. You’ll also enjoy ready access to spacious painting and drawing studios, traditional darkrooms and digital photo labs, a woodshop for ceramics and sculpture, and printmaking studios with great natural light. The O’Connor Art Gallery, steps away from our classrooms and studios, exhibits the work of contemporary artists of national renown who will introduce you to innovative movements, strategies and techniques. You’ll even exhibit your own work at the gallery at our annual juried student art show and senior thesis exhibitions.

Erik Grosskopf

Graphic Design Graduate

“I learned so much when I studied in the London program. It was important to me to take advantage of all the opportunities to learn and get engaged outside the classroom. Now I’m looking forward to a career in graphic design in this great city.”