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This collaborative program between Dominican University and Illinois Institute of Technology combines a strong education in the arts and sciences with outstanding preparation at a top engineering school. The program is powerful preparation for professional success.

Enjoy the best of two worlds

The joint engineering program will enable you to graduate in five years with two degrees in high-demand fields. At Dominican, you’ll complete all your foundation requirements and take
pre-engineering courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science. You’ll
begin to take courses at both Dominican and IIT in your fifth semester. You’ll pay tuition only to Dominican, so the cost of your program will remain affordable. You can choose to live at home or on Dominican’s beautiful campus for all five years. The innovative curriculum will prepare you to succeed in fields that demand high-level technical sophistication.

Admission to the joint program is competitive and requires a two-step process. Typically, students enter Dominican as freshmen and apply to IIT in their sophomore year. Students who are not accepted into the IIT program complete a four-year degree at Dominican.

The five-year engineering program leads to degrees from both Dominican and IIT. They are offered in paired combinations:

  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Mathematics and Aerospace Engineering
  • Mathematics and Architectural Engineering
  • Mathematics and Civil Engineering
  • Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
  • Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics/Computer Science and Computer Engineering
Amazing opportunities on both campuses and beyond

Practical experience is built into the curriculum. Our internship program draws on Chicago’s
world-class corporate and technical resources. We make our connections your connections,
so you can test-drive your dream job in the real world. You can combine academic study with
compassionate service to people in need, or complete a hands-on research project with full
faculty support. You can even apply for university funding to support your research.

Undergraduate research is a Dominican trademark. You won’t have to wait until graduate school to work side-by-side with a faculty scholar. You can even apply for university funding to support your work. Our annual undergraduate research expo in April will give you a chance to practice your presentation skills and show your stuff. Dominican has an outstanding study abroad program. You can choose from programs in countries like Argentina, China, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, South Africa and Spain. A deep dive into another culture will expand your language and interpersonal skills wherever you go in the world.

Peter Mielcarek

Dominican University Graduate

“The professors at Dominican actively encourage you to come to them for help, and that got me off to a great start. The classes at IIT are larger, so you also get used to learning more independently, through trial and error. The whole program was a wonderful experience.”

Prepare for a life of meaning and achievement

A survey of U.S. employers by Hart Research Associates found that 93% of bosses say that “a job candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems” is the most important factor in hiring decisions. That is the essential skill set of our graduates. You’ll enter the job market with highly developed communication and critical-thinking skills as well as a rigorous education not only in engineering but also in the liberal arts and sciences. You will be open to new ideas, proficient with the latest technology, and able to adapt and thrive through a long and meaningful career.

Phaulo Escalante-Sanchez

Dominican University Graduate

"It’s not just the four years of school. It’s continuous development. Now you’re set for life. You’re going to continue to invest in yourself, and you’re going to continue to take time to read a couple books and read research papers in your field and just be more advanced on whatever it is that you’re doing."