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History is a well-rounded degree program. A history degree prepares you for anything, including law school, politics, teaching, the military, graduate school, museum studies, public history, library science, social work, government and the FBI.

Dominican history graduates successfully pursue a variety of paths, including:

  • Teaching. Schools continue to need new history and social studies teachers, particularly those who can teach subjects other than American history. The history major dovetails well with the programs in Dominican’s School of Education, too.
  • Business. Many employers recognize that history majors tend to be quick studies on the job. That’s because they’ve learned what questions to ask and how to find the answers—general skills that adapt well to many work settings, even those where the content of the major may not be directly applicable.
  • Information-oriented work settings. Museums, archives and historical societies offer viable career choices for history graduates. A history degree is also excellent preparation for applying to Dominican’s School of Information Studies.
  • Government service. Many governmental agencies hire professionals with training in history. Some Dominican graduates who have experience with foreign languages have joined the U.S. Foreign Service.
  • Law school. Because of its emphasis on asking questions and drawing conclusions based on past behavior or events, history is a great major for pre-law students.
  • Graduate studies in history. A history major provides excellent preparation for graduate study, which is essential for a career in academia.