Summing Up Your CAS Experience

Since 2018, all Communication Arts and Sciences majors ended their work with us in a communication capstone class. This course provides the space for all CAS majors to reflect on their time with the department and where they hope to go with everything they have learned.

Students do so by completing a research project related to their major, exploring future career options, and executing a client-based practical experience project. This work is completed individually by students with mentoring from a CAS faculty member. Students are challenged to be self-reflective, asked to assess their own academic careers and personal lives, asked to think critically about themselves, and tasked with seeing themselves as an ethical professional in communication.

During this course, they complete two individual, self-driven projects: one in negotiation with a client, and one personal research, journalistic, or media production project. Previous projects have included:

  • Timothy Larsen: Tim & Taylor, a YouTube gaming channel
  • Steven Hernandez: website to promote the need for global water security
  • Diane Ekwauzi: website to assist military veterans upon leaving service
  • Ali VanWitzenburg: auction items donations database and guidelines for charity