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The field of accounting and finance supplies the business world with the data and analysis needed to make key decisions. Our programs in accounting and finance are constructed around Brennan’s Bachelor of Business Administration Core, which provides a robust foundation. Beyond the fundamentals, it also includes courses in business ethics and law. Students get a taste of the real world by applying their classroom learning through yearly practicums that include a required internship and a capstone experience.








The accounting major is also offered in the evening for students who have completed an associate’s degree. The evening Bachelor of Business Administration program puts you on track to get your bachelor’s in business in two years without compromising Brennan’s signature relationship-centered and experiential learning models. 

Business Practicums

Brennan students have the opportunity to combine academics with real-world experience through a curriculum designed to build creativity and problem-solving skills. Required business practicums:

  • Business Gateway: In this introduction students apply course material to real business problems.
  • Entrepreneurship: From startups to funding sources, this course examines the small business world.
  • Internship: Students get the most from their internship by analyzing what they’re learning in this mostly online course.
  • Business Capstone: Builds upon the core to improve students’ management skills.
Career Development

Students benefit from Brennan’s outstanding support services:

  • Resume writing
  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • One-on-one mentoring from visiting executives