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This fascinating major explores the substances of the universe and their amazing interactions. It will expand your scientific understanding and research skills, as well as prepare you for lifelong intellectual competence and professional success.

Learn, side-by-side, with outstanding faculty

In small classes, you’ll examine the properties of matter, study chemical reactions, master laboratory techniques and prepare to make your own contributions to scientific advancement. You’ll find a new home in Parmer Hall, the campus’s newest building, with 16 labs and state of-the-art scientific equipment. With full faculty support, you can conduct your own research as early as freshman year, on campus or at research centers across the Chicago area. In a curriculum deeply rooted in the liberal arts, you’ll expand your capacity for critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. This major is excellent preparation for graduate study and professional achievement in a wide range of rewarding fields such as: health science, pharmacology, education, nanotechnology and engineering.

Amazing opportunities—on campus and beyond

Practical experience is built into the curriculum. You’ll enjoy access to ample space, outstanding equipment and faculty mentoring for independent research projects. You can pursue research at Fermilab or the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy, and many other corporations and organizations throughout the Chicago area. You can combine academic study with compassionate service to people in need, or immerse yourself in a different culture through Dominican’s outstanding study abroad program.

Discover something new

Undergraduate research is a Dominican trademark. You won’t have to wait until graduate school to collaborate with a talented scholar. You can even apply for special funding from the university to support your research. Our annual research expo in April will give you a chance to practice your presentation skills and show your stuff. Topics of recent student projects include:

  • Investigating Urban Pollutants
  • Bioactive Components of Medicinal Plants
  • Design of Anti-tumor Drugs
  • Computer Simulations of Molecular Interactions
  • Quantitation of Ionic Solutes in Blood Plasma Models
Dr. Leticia Perez

Dominican University Graduate

“At Dominican, everyone really made me feel welcome and at home. I liked the small size because I knew I was going to have more connections with my professors and more one-on-one attention.”

Prepare to teach

Chemistry students who wish to teach elementary or high school students can combine their major with the Teacher Education Program for K-12 Licensure. Offered by our excellent School of Education, the program includes a semester of student teaching.

Prepare for a life of service and achievement

Nearly all scientific work depends on a strong understanding of chemical principles. This major will provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience you’ll need to achieve your most ambitious professional goals. You’ll be ready for the professional world, graduate school or both. Our graduates are thoughtful, open to new ideas, experienced in the laboratory, proficient with the latest technologies, and able to adapt and thrive through long and meaningful careers. They have earned their way into leadership positions in the professions of their choice.

Morganne Schmidt

Chemistry Graduate

“The best part of my Dominican experience was working face-to-face with my professors. They supported me all the way. I also enjoyed the opportunities I had to serve others in the community and to network with working professionals in research and development.”