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The Brennan School of Business offers seven undergraduate majors. Brennan also offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in economics and international business for students interested in an interdisciplinary study or double major. Minors are available in each discipline. No matter what you choose, you’ll learn about leadership, statistics, business ethics, and professional communication strategy.


Accounting. Accounting provides the framework for how organizations quantify their progress and evaluate business decisions. This major will prepare you for a rewarding career in auditing, taxation consulting, management accounting and other fields.

Economics. The economics major is outstanding preparation for rewarding careers in a wide variety of professional settings, including banks, corporations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and start-up companies. You’ll learn to make rational, evidence-based decisions and prepare for leadership in the global economy.

Entrepreneurship. This innovative, impactful major will prepare you to build the businesses of tomorrow in a dynamic global economy. You’ll learn by doing in the real world—analyzing the ways consumers and employees think and act, building traditional and digital marketing plans, and making smart, strategic decisions about product development, placement, positioning and much more.

Finance. This major will prepare you to confidently inform the financial decisions of individuals, corporations and nonprofit organizations. You’ll learn how to analyze data, manage risks, allocate resources and help your organization plan strategically for long-term success.

International Business. This major prepares you to excel in an increasingly global business environment. You’ll learn to communicate across cultures and prepare for leadership in established and emerging markets.

Management. This program prepares you to excel in people operations. You’ll learn to apply human and material resources to achieve organizational goals. You’ll start your career with the knowledge and skills you’ll need for strategic, ethical leadership in today’s workplace.

Marketing. Marketing is a key driver of organizational growth in a competitive marketplace. In this major, you’ll learn to be an innovative and strategic problem solver who can apply insights into consumer behavior in ways that give organizations a competitive edge.

Evening Degree-Completion Programs

Brennan also offers an evening degree-completion option in two market-ready majors in the Bachelor of Business Administration. Brennan’s Evening BBA lets you work full time and study full time without sacrificing quality. The program is designed for students who have completed an associate's degree.

Go even further with an accelerated MBA

Imagine starting graduate school in your senior year. Our Accelerated MBA Program enables you to do just that—at one of the premier business schools in the Chicago area. Your undergraduate academic advisor will help you plan a powerful curriculum that will allow you to earn a comprehensive, highly marketable business education in just five years—or at whatever pace works best for you. The curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is highly flexible and designed thoughtfully with students’ unique needs in mind. You can even choose to start your professional career while moving rapidly toward a cost-effective, cutting-edge MBA

Your path to a life of purpose and impact

From your first to your last day on campus (and even after you graduate), you’ll have full access to academic and career advising that is thoughtful, effective and personalized. The Brennan Career Development Program will guide you through the subtleties of resume writing, interviewing and networking. The Executives-in-Residence Program will introduce you to business leaders who will mentor you one-on-one in career settings. The curriculum itself will prepare you for lifelong intellectual and professional competence. You’ll be open to new ideas, proficient with emerging technologies, and able to adapt and thrive through a long and meaningful career.

Brennan School of Business-Mission Statement

Guided by the university’s core values of Caritas et Veritas, the Brennan School of Business prepares a diverse student body, through experiential education, to become ethically minded business leaders who are committed to creating an equitable and sustainable global society.