Black World Studies provides students with a multicultural and international education. Part of Dominican’s Interdisciplinary Studies, the program draws from several disciplines including social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, fine arts and education.

Students learn to:

  • Understand and mutually respect multiple ethnicities
  • Interpret the historical, cultural, political and socioeconomic experiences of peoples of African descent
  • Study the linkages and relationships between Africans on the continent and those in Diaspora
  • Understand the experiences and contributions of peoples of “black” ancestry to the rest of the world

The Black World Studies major is designed to enable students to demonstrate a deep understanding of black world experience, culture, societies, life, history, and philosophies. Students must also be able to grasp, analyze, and synthesize the various applicable texts used or recommended by disciplines that are included in the major.


Eligible students can travel to the annual conference of the National Council for Black Studies. 

Dominican also offers two Study Abroad opportunities for students studying Black World Studies.

Elder’s Council

The Elder’s Council is an advisory board for the Black World Studies major. Their goal is to showcase the rich and diverse culture of people of African descent, and to broaden the educational experience of the students, community, and adjoining communities. Their mission is to seek, identify, and advise in the creation of programs and activities that enhance the Black World Studies experience at Dominican.


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