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Admission to this accelerated program requires the following:

  • Acceptance into the BLS program.
  • Completion of at least 75 credits (including transfer credits) at the time of application and before taking MMCR courses.
  • A cumulative grade-point average of 3.25.
    • If a student has completed 30 credits at Dominican University, only the Dominican GPA will be used to determine eligibility under this criterion.
    • If a student has completed fewer than 30 credits at DU, the student’s cumulative GPA from all institutions attended will be used to determine eligibility under this criterion.
    • Students must maintain a 3.25 GPA after admission to the program.
  • Acceptance into the Accelerated degree program does not guarantee admission into the MMCR program.

Students in this program will be able to count up to nine MMCR credits hours toward both degrees. Accelerated BLS/MMCR students must complete a minimum of 15 undergraduate credit hours at Dominican University to earn the BLS. Students pay the undergraduate tuition rate for both BLS and MMCR courses taken prior to earning the BA in Legal Studies. They then pay the graduate rate for all remaining MMCR courses.