Consider starting graduate school during your senior year with the Accelerated MBA Program at Dominican University’s Brennan School of Business.

Qualified students may be able to complete the bachelor’s degree and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in a total of five calendar years.

How does it work? 
During your senior year, you can complete two courses that will count toward both your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. This can save you both the time and tuition of two courses in graduate school.

When do I apply?
We encourage you to apply for the Accelerated MBA Program before the end of your junior year. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Your file will be reviewed after you have completed 90 credit hours and have achieved senior status. If accepted, a representative from the Brennan School of Business will contact you to discuss your courses for the upcoming semester. Accelerated MBA students are not eligible to register for online MBA courses. 

What about the GMAT? 
A satisfactory GMAT score is required for full acceptance to the MBA program. You may be accepted provisionally into the Accelerated MBA program without a GMAT score as long as you provide an acceptable score before the first semester you are registered as a graduate student.

Do I have to start my MBA program right after I complete my bachelor’s degree? 
No. You can begin your MBA program within a reasonable time after you complete your bachelor’s degree. You will be subject to the MBA curriculum in place at the time you begin as a graduate student.

How many courses are required to complete an MBA? 
The maximum number of courses is 20 (or 46 credit hours). If you complete two graduate courses during your senior year, you will have only 18 courses (or 40 credit hours) remaining.

In addition, six of the total 18 courses are considered foundation courses, each of which can be waived if you earn a B or better in an equivalent course or courses at the undergraduate level. For the student who is waived from all six courses and who completes two additional courses in the Accelerated MBA Program, only 12 courses (or 34 credit hours) remain for the completion of the degree. This creates a significant savings of time and money!

During the undergraduate program, the equivalent of the six MBA foundation courses may be taken. Students are encouraged to apply to the BA/MBA or BS/MBA before the end of their junior year. Accepted students may enroll in two MBA courses during their senior year, one course each semester, and credit will be given toward the undergraduate degree. The remaining twelve graduate business courses may be taken upon completion of their undergraduate degree.

Undergraduate Course Equivalents

GSB 611/ECON 501 Foundations in Economics=ECON 190 Principles of Microeconomics and ECON 191 Principles of Macroeconomics
GSB 612/ACCT 503 Foundations in Accounting=ACCT 101 Principles of Accounting I 
GSB 613/QUAN 504 Foundations in Statistics=ECON 260 Statistics for Business & Economics
GSB 614/MGMT 502 Foundations in Management=BAD 345 Management
GSB 615/FIN 506 Foundations in Finance=BAD 350 Managerial Finance
GSB 617/BLAW 505 Foundations in Business Law=BAD 240 Business Law

For more information about the Accelerated MBA Program, contact the Office of Graduate Admission.

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