You can complete a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in as little as five years! This special combined-degree program is ideal for promising students who want to prepare—as efficiently and affordably as possible—for true leadership roles in business.

The fast track to a first-rate business education

Imagine starting graduate school in your senior year. The Accelerated MBA Program enables you to do just that—at one of the premier business schools in the Chicago area. Your undergraduate academic advisor will help you plan a powerful curriculum that will allow you to earn a comprehensive, highly marketable business education in just five years—or at whatever pace works best for you. The curriculum at both the undergraduate and graduate levels is highly flexible and designed thoughtfully with the varying needs of students in mind. You can even choose to start your professional career while moving rapidly toward a cost-effective, cutting-edge MBA. Learn more

A program tailored to meet your professional goals

The core courses for the Brennan MBA are highly practical and rooted in experiential learning. Our innovative Student Gateway Practicum enables you to solve a real-world business problem in close collaboration with an actual client from the corporate or nonprofit sector. In your capstone course, you’ll build your capacity for teamwork and problem solving while completing an applied strategic development project. We recently expanded our course offerings to allow you to dig deeper into seven market-trending specialties: accounting, finance, leadership, marketing, data analytics, health care administration and international business. Graduate study has rarely been more engaging, convenient, relevant and transformative.

How it works
  • Apply for the Accelerated MBA Program before the end of your junior year.
  • As soon as you achieve senior status, the Brennan School of Business will review your application for graduate school. To earn acceptance into the MBA program, you’ll need a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Upon acceptance, an advisor will contact you to discuss your course options for the coming semester.
  • To earn an MBA, the maximum number of courses is 10. If you take two graduate courses during your senior year, you’ll have only eight courses left to complete.
  • In addition, there are six foundation courses. Each foundation course can be waived if you earn a B or better in an equivalent undergraduate course (or courses).
  • If you earn waivers for all six foundation courses and complete two graduate courses as a senior, you’ll need to complete only eight more courses to earn your MBA. You’ll save significant time and money!
  • You can take the GMAT at any time before your first semester in graduate school. GMAT waivers are available.

Accelerated MBA program flyer (pdf)

Julio Mario Flores

Brennan Graduate

“The Dominican MBA really worked for me, especially the opportunities it gave me to complete strong internships. Those intense, real-world experiences have really helped me to stand out from the crowd.”

Top 5%: The Brennan Advantage

The Brennan School of Business has earned the prestigious accreditation of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Of the 17,000 business programs around the world, less than 5% have earned AASCB accreditation.

Prepare for a life of purpose and impact

From your first to your last day on campus—and even after you graduate with your MBA—you’ll have full access to academic and professional advising that is thoughtful, effective and personalized to you. The Brennan Career Development Program will guide you through the subtleties of resume writing, interviewing, networking and much more. The Executives-in-Residence Program will introduce you to business leaders who will mentor you one-on-one in career settings. With a Brennan MBA, you’ll be open to new ideas, proficient with emerging technologies, and able to adapt and thrive throughout a long and meaningful career.

Elsa Rosales

Brennan Graduate

“Dominican really gave me opportunities to learn and get involved in the classroom and beyond, through internships and other professional opportunities. I put my skills to the test and built a great career network. My entire undergraduate experience made me want to stay and earn my MBA at the Brennan School.”

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