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More than 70 students shared pieces of their professional development journeys during the Fall ePortfolio Showcase, held Dec. 5, 7 and 8 in Parmer Hall.

A final project of the course DCDP400: Managing Your Career, the showcase gave students an opportunity to give a summary of their projects, internships and academic accomplishments one-on-one with faculty, staff, fellow students and visitors. The students created websites highlighting these endeavors and wore buttons declaring themselves “open to network” or “open to work.”

Alexis Konwinski, a psychology major, said an internship with the Association for Individual Development in Aurora and support from her professors helped solidify her career goal to become a mental health professional.

“Finishing my internship as a behavioral health crisis line intern, I felt I was fulfilling my purpose in life: Helping people who are really in need," she said. "Through conversation I could help alleviate what they are going through.”

Griselda Perez, a business major, commented that Dominican has “thought-out resources” to help students in their career exploration and preparation.

“In my classes we had to prepare LinkedIn profiles and Handshake profiles, which really opens the door to putting yourself out there," she said. “The career fairs also helped a lot.”

The ePortfolio Showcase was born out of the Dominican Career Development Program, which is managed by the Office of Career Programs and Employer Relations. The program includes executives and experts in residence who mentor students, internship coordinators, and career classes.