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The Chicago Tribune and Pioneer Press Oak Leaves highlighted Dominican University’s National Day of Racial Healing in a story about the event and keynote speaker Megan Red Shirt-Shaw.

The article, published Feb. 2, notes the day’s emphasis on Indigenous identity and the role colleges and universities play in this. Red Shirt-Shaw, director of Native Student Services at University of South Dakota, is the author of a policy paper calling on institutions of higher learning to return lands to Native nations or, if they cannot, provide free higher education to Native students whose traditional homelands are located on lands where colleges and universities now stand.

Included in the article was an acknowledgment from Justice, Equity and Inclusion Project Coordinator Amy Omi of the Indigenous land on which Dominican's campus is located.

The National Day of Racial Healing celebration at Dominican was sponsored and organized by the Center for Cultural Liberation; Rebecca Crown Library; and Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation.

Read the Tribune and Oak Leaves coverage here (a digital subscription may be required).