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Sr. Quincy Howard ’97 and the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa are featured in a story from the National Catholic Reporter on the recent increase in vocations within the order.

The Jan. 22, 2024 article, “Dominicans cite their charism for slight rise in vocations,” notes that the Collaborative Dominican Novitiate has welcomed nearly 40 novices since 2011, with about half joining the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa or the Dominican Sisters of Peace.

Sisters from both orders are quoted in the piece, including Howard, who talks about her vocational experience and the rise in new vocations.

“Howard thinks momentum plays a key role in the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa's current success: The more new sisters there are, the more appealing the community is to potential candidates, who then become new sisters themselves, repeating the process,” the article states.

There is also “something in particular about the 800-year-old Dominican values that discerners want,” according to the article.

“The Dominican charism is particularly timely," Howard said. "Veritas — the search for truth — the continued education of people, preaching. It's really badly needed in the 21st century.”

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