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Dr. Jonathan Uebelhor, assistant professor in Borra College of Health Sciences’ Elizabeth T. MacNeil School of Nursing, is the recipient of a 2024 Nurse Educator Fellowship from the Illinois Board of Higher Education. 

The fellowship is designed to ensure the retention of qualified nursing faculty at institutions of higher learning by supplementing their salaries.

“This award provides an opportunity to enhance my own professional development while simultaneously allowing me to positively impact the college experience of nursing students,” Uebelhor noted. 

“I was elated to learn that Dr. Jonathan Uebelhor was selected by the Illinois Board of Higher Education for the 2024 Nurse Educator Fellowship Program,” said Dr. Tamara Bland, dean of Borra College of Health Sciences. “He is a valued and dynamic member of Dominican University, the Borra College of Health Sciences, and the Elizabeth T. MacNeil School of Nursing. His enthusiasm and commitment to students fosters a strong working relationship with his students, and he excels at helping them move toward increasing levels of competence.”

Bland called Uebelhor a “role model for the profession.”

“Jonathan is a quiet leader who embraces each task and responsibility,” she said. “He performs self-assessment and self-development, yet he is responsive to mentoring students. His quietly effective ways have earned the respect and admiration of current students and alumni.”

Uebelhor said he looks forward to learning about the “exciting and creative ways” to use the fellowship’s funding to support nursing students. He plans to use a portion to attend the 

the Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institution Educators Annual Best Practice Conference in the spring.

“The goal is to use this platform to research and develop additional methods to support the nursing mentorship program prior to the fall of 2024,” Uebelhor said. 

Uebelhor has been a faculty member of Dominican University for eight years. He completed his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from the University of Colorado and nurse practitioner certification from Loyola University Chicago.