Sr. Quincy Howard, a Dominican University alumna and Sinsinawa Dominican Sister, is an active member of the Network Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, a Washington, D.C. based organization that works on issues including food insecurity, healthcare, immigration and democracy. She has been a part of the Nuns on the Bus movement and, for the past four years, has been involved in Faithful Democracy, a national coalition of diverse congregations, faith-based organizations and religious leaders working on efforts to reform democratic systems to align more closely with the ideology of the beloved community.

Sr. Quincy recently appeared with activist Amy Jo Hutchinson on the Accidental Tomatoes podcast (Season 2, Episode 15), during which they discussed the For the People Act, a comprehensive piece of voting rights and election reform legislation currently before Congress. She encourages people of all faith expressions to learn about and support this legislation. 

You can hear the podcast here