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This edition of the Staff Handbook of Dominican University (pdf) is the official statement of the policies of the University, governing the employment policies, procedures, rights, responsibilities and benefits for administrative and general staff members (herein referred to as "staff members") at Dominican University (the "University"). Staff members are defined as employees who hold positions other than, or in addition to, positions with faculty status. With respect to staff members who hold positions with faculty status, the terms of the Faculty Handbook control to the extent of any inconsistency with the Staff Handbook. Unless stated otherwise, all sections of this Handbook apply to all staff members employed by the University at all locations.

The contents of the Staff Handbook are reviewed by Human Resources and the Staff Employment Affairs Committee of the Staff Assembly on a regular basis. Policies governed by other departments may be reviewed by those departments as appropriate. Staff members will be notified of any recommended/approved changes that significantly alter the intent of any policies. All review and revision dates are noted for each policy and will be updated to show revision and document history.