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View/download the Student Employee Handbook (pdf opens in a new window)

Student Employees: Steps to Success

If you are interested in working on campus, please read the information below.

Step 1

Verify that you have a federal work study (FWS) or Dominican employment (DE) award.

  • If you have an award, you will be able to begin applying and working before or at the start of the fall semester.
  • If you do not have an award, there will be a waiting period before you are eligible for to begin looking for work.
Step 2

Go to Dominican's employment site and create an application. Remember to submit applications for more than one position for better success in your search.

Job listings are posted as they become available, so check back frequently during your search for new position postings.

Step 3

Apply, interview and get hired for a student employment position. Follow good interview behavior such as: Wearing business casual to the interview, researching the department ahead of time, arriving on time and showing interest and engagement in the position.

Step 4

Once hired, you will receive a work authorization confirming your employment. Part of the new hire process is verification of your eligibility for employment in the US. This verification requires specific documents that you will need to bring to campus.

We will accept unexpired US Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Social Security Card (not laminated), Certified Birth Certificate or other forms as indicated on Column A or C on the DHS I-9 document. You should also bring your student ID, driver’s license or other picture ID as indicated in Column B.

We cannot accept any copies, faxes, uncertified reproductions or expired materials. You cannot work until this requirement is complete.

Step 5

Finish all onboarding training including the DCFS mandated reporter training through the state of Illinois and a new hire orientation.

Student Employees: Pay Day Information

All student paydays will always be the 6th of the month unless the 6th is a weekend or holiday, then payday will be the last business day before the weekend or holiday.

Paychecks will be available in Student Accounts (Lewis 119) the morning of payday. All unclaimed checks will be mailed 48 hours after the payday.  Direct deposit funds will be reflected in the designated checking/saving account by the end of the bank's business day.

Student Employment: FAQs

How many hours can student employees work?

Undergraduate student employees can work up to 15 hours per week during the academic year. If a student secures more than one position, the 15 hours must be divided between the positions.

What is the minimum wage for student employees?

Dominican student employees start at $12/hour. The rate can increase with experience or job requirements.

When are student employees paid?

All student employees are paid on the sixth of the month or on the last business day before the sixth if it falls on a weekend or holiday. Dominican will pay its student employees by check or through direct deposit to a designated checking/savings account.

Will the money be transferred to my student account?

The earnings through student employment are never transferred to a student account. Student employees will be paid by check, which can be signed over to Dominican, or through direct deposit to a designated checking/savings account.

What happens if I do not earn my full FWS/DE award?

The federal work study/Dominican employment awards are not guaranteed funds, the money does not get transferred to your student account, nor will you owe any of the unused funds to the university. The awards provide eligible students with priority to on campus employment.

Who can assist me with securing on-campus employment?

Human Resources is available to help students with applying and completing new hire paperwork. For assistance in interviewing, building a strong resume or application and off campus work, contact the Office of Career Programs and Employer Relations.

Do not hesitate to ask for assistance!