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We make sure our students have many ways to learn, and put their learning into practice.

A Dominican education offers remarkable high-impact opportunities beyond the classroom. Because getting the most value from your education means going after the biggest challenges, seeking out life-changing experiences and testing your limits out in the real world. You’ll stand out when applying for jobs or graduate school. And you’ll discover who you really are and how you want to make an impact on the world. Ready to take the next step? Apply today.

Top Internships = Top Careers

We’ve built partnerships with major corporations, premier hospitals, community nonprofits and many other organizations. For many students, those internships lead to job offers even before graduation. Take a look at Nidhin's story to see how Dominican helped him do just that. 

High-Profile Research Opportunities

At Dominican, you won’t have to wait until graduate school to work side-by-side with a brilliant scholar. You’ll come away with an amazing portfolio and maybe even publish an article or present your work at a national conference. Explore some recent research opportunities from our Neuroscience students.

Gain a Global Perspective

You’ll encounter other world views, engage up close with other cultures and enjoy a little adventure in one of our 20 study abroad programs on four continents. Dominican pioneered the practice by starting one of the first programs in the 1920s. See what our students loved most about a recent trip to Rome, Italy.

Give Back

You want to change the world. So do we. From tutoring Chicago-area school children to working with humanitarian groups in places like Guatemala, you’ll serve others, learn about social forces shaping our lives and find your voice. Discover how Dominican students made an impact in New Orleans on a service-learning trip.

Find More than a Career

Our graduates go to work for large corporations, small community-focused nonprofits and everything in between. Some even work for themselves—at businesses and other enterprises that they started in their Dominican dorm rooms. Check out how two Dominican students turned a class project into a profitable business.