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Selected Publications
"'Tongues of Fire': Hiroshima as Hell and a New Pentecost?" Theological Studies 81/3 (Sept. 2020): 560-581.
Mining Morality: Prospecting for Ethics in a Wounded World (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic) 2019
William P. George, “Who Are the Fideles and What Is their Sensus Insights
from Bernard Lonergan,” in Learning from All the Faithful: A Contemporary Theology
of the Sensus Fidei, ed. Bradford E. Hinze and Peter C. Phan (Eugene, OR: Pickwick,
2016), 184–95.
George, William. "Catholic Theology, International Law, and the Global Climate Crisis." Confronting the Climate Crisis: Catholic Theological Perspectives, Edited by: Jaime Shaffer, Marquette University Press, 2011.
George, William P. "Learning to Love the Law of the Sea." In Search of the Whole: Twelve Essays on Faith and Academic Life, Edited by: John C. Haughey, Georgetown University Press, 2011.
"'Why Catholic Universities Should Engage International Law'" - William George - Journal of Catholic Higher Education - 2008


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