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PhD, University of Wisconsin
MA, University of Pennsylvania
BA, University of Virginia
Selected Publications
'Lettere di una Donna Incerta: Private letters of Chiara Matraini.' (Medieval and Renaissance Texts & Studies., 2011)
'Rime e Lettere: (Self) Representation and Chiara Matraini.' (Bordighera Press, 2004)
Renaissance Codes of Conduct and Matteo Bandello's Novelle. (Romance Languages Annual, 2000)
Imitatio and the Woman Poet: Renaissance Re-writings of Ovid. (Romance Languages Annual, 1998)
Review of Anna Santoro, Catalogo della scrittura femminile italiana a stampa, presente nei fondi librari della Biblioteca di Napoli, and Guida al catalogo della scrittura femminile italiana a stampa presente nei fondi librari della Biblioteca di Napoli. (Italica, 1994)
The Clown and the Circus: Spectacle, Risk, and Reality in Federico Fellini. (Italian Culture, 1993)
Selected Presentations
'Life after the PhD.', Department of French and Italian, University of Wisconsin-Madison / PaperI, 2009
'New Approaches to teaching the Renaissance, some results.', American American Association of Teachers of Italian and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages / PaperI, 2008
'Moving beyond the text: new approaches to teaching the Renaissance.', Modern Language Association / PaperI, 2007


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