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PhD, Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago
MA, Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago
BA, Psychology, College of New Jersey
Selected Publications
Men are funnier than women under a condition of low self-efficacy but women are funnier than men under a condition of high self-efficacy (, 2020)
Demonstrating the effectiveness of an integrated and intensive research methods and statistics course sequence (Teaching of Psychology, 2015)
(, 2015)
(MacMillan Education, 2015)
Statistics appendix (MacMillan Education, 2015)
(, 2015)
Selected Presentations
Inclusive pedagogy in blended and online environments, Workshop presented at the Annual Faculty Workshop of Dominican University, River Forest, IL / PaperI, 2014
Superstition may not improve performance: Damisch et al. (2010) does not replicate, European Association of Social Psychology / PaperI, 2014
Visual or verbal learner? Belief in learning styles may predict performance, Association for Psychological Science / Poster, 2012
From ivory towers to political action: How can a psychology of gender course teach activism?, Caritas et Veritas Symposium / Round Table, 2011
An examination of sex differences in humor preferences among users, Association for Psychological Science / Poster, 2010


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