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JD, University of Notre Dame
MBA, Dominican University
MTax, University of Tulsa
BA, University of Notre Dame
Selected Publications
Walstra, Richard; Drougas, Anne; Harrington, Steve. "Integrating Excel, SQL, and SPSS within an Introductory Finance Intrinsic Value Assignment." AABRI Journal of Finance and Accountancy, 2015
Harrington, Steve; Walstra, Richard; Drougas, Anne. "Enhancing Tax Analysis Skills through Excel-Based Scenarios: Moving Beyond End-of-Chapter Questions to Integrate Concepts." Tax Adviser, The, 2015
Walstra, Richard; Harrington, Steve; Drougas, Anne. "Developing Financial Competencies within the Business Curriculum: A Deferred Tax Assignment." AABRI Journal of Finance and Accountancy, 2014
Harrington, Steve; Drougas, Anne; Walstra, Richard. "The ABCs of Acquisitive Reorganizations." Tax Adviser, The, 2012
Drougas, Anne; Walstra, Richard; Harrington, Steve. "An Interactive Approach to Teaching WACC Concepts in an Introductory Finance Class." AABRI Journal of Finance and Accountancy, 2012
Harrington, Steve; Drougas, Anne; Miller, James. "Incorporating a Practical Financial Accounting Example into an Introductory Statistics Course." Journal of Academy of Business Education, 2011


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