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Bob Calin-Jageman is a professor of psychology and the neuroscience program director at Dominican University.
PhD, Cognitive Science, Wayne State University
MA, Cognitive Science, Wayne State University
BA, Cognitive Science, Albion College
Research Interests
Mechanisms of Long-Term Memory and Forgetting
Inferential Statistics
Open Science
Selected Publications
A multi-country test of brief reappraisal interventions on emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic (Nature Human Behaviour, 2021)
What Psychology Teachers Should Know about Open Science and the New Statistics (Teaching of Psychology, 2020)
Registered Report: Transcriptional Analysis of Savings Memory Suggests Forgetting is Due to Retrieval Failure (eneuro, 2020)
The New Statistics for Better Science: Ask How Much, How Uncertain, and What Else Is Known (The American Statistician, 2019)
Estimation for Better Inference in Neuroscience (Eneuro, 2019)
Savings memory is accompanied by transcriptional changes that persist beyond the decay of recall (Learning & Memory, 2018)
Selected Presentations
The rise (and fall?) of a neuroscience research field: A bibliometric analysis of the long-term potentiation literature, Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience / Poster, 2012
An Aplysia homolog of Egr-1 is rapidly and persistently upregulated by long-term sensitization training, Molecular and Cellular Cognition Meeting / Poster, 2012
An Egr homolog in Aplysia? Identification and regulation by activity and experience, Molluscan Neuroscience Meeting / Podium, 2012
Transcriptional changes immediately following pharmacological and behavioral sensitization in Aplysia californica, Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience / Poster, 2011
Educational Resources in Neuroscience (ERIN): Cognitive and Computational neuroscience resources, Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience / Podium, 2011


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