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PhD, Economics, University of Iowa
MA, Economics, University of Iowa
BA, Economics, Loyola University of Chicago
Selected Publications
When The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats Differently: Income Distribution Matters (Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 2021)
Distribution Matters: The Reverse-Robin-Hood Macroeconomic Effects (Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 2018)
A Demand and Supply Analysis of the Confluence of Student Loan Stakeholder Interests (Journal of Business & Economics Research, 2015)
Are Business Majors Different? Strategies for Teaching Principles of Microeconomics (Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 2015)
Economics Without Numbers: Teaching Strategies For Math-Lite Students (Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 2014)
Collegium--A Colloquy on Faith & Intellectual Life: Readings, Congruence (Collegium 2013-16, 2018-20, 2013)


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