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PhD, Northwestern University
MA, Northwestern University
BA, Northwestern University
Selected Publications
Ragin, Charles; Amoroso, Lisa."Constructing Social Research". Sage Publications, 2018
Loyd, Denise; Amoroso, Lisa. "Undermining diversity: Favoritism threat and its effect on advocacy for similar others.." Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, 2018
Amoroso, Lisa. "Developing Career-Ready Business Students: Three Curriculum Models." Journal of Education For Business, 2018
Burke, Molly; Amoroso, Lisa. "Designing a Career Development System." Academy of Business Education, 2017
Amoroso, Lisa. "An Experiential Management Activity: Move It!." Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, 2015
Reavey, Brooke; Amoroso, Lisa; Chaudhry, Anjali; Aron, David. "Getting to Know You: Creating Community in the Classroom." Caritas Veritas Symposium, 2014


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