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PhD, Wayne State University
BA, Albion College
Selected Publications

Holmes, G., Herdegen, S., Schuon, J., Cyriac, A., Lass, J., Conte, C., Calin-Jageman, I., & Calin-Jageman, R. (2015). Transcriptional analysis of a whole-body form of long-term habituation in Aplysia californica. Learning and Memory, 22(1). Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. pp. 11-23. Retrieved from

Herdegen, S., Holmes, G., Cyriac, A., Calin-Jageman, I., & Calin-Jageman, R. (2014). Characterization of the rapid transcriptional response to long-term sensitization training in Aplysia californica. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 116. pp. 27–35. Retrieved from

Herdegen, S., Conte, C., Kamal, S., Calin-Jageman R., & Calin-Jageman, I. (2014). Immediate and Persistent Transcriptional Correlates of Long-Term Sensitization Training at Different CNS Loci in Aplysia californica. PLOS ONE, 9(12). e114481. Retrieved from

Gregory, F., Pangršič, T., Calin-Jageman, I., Moser, T., & Lee, A. (2013). Harmonin enhances voltage-dependent facilitation of Cav1.3 channels and synchronous exocytosis in mouse inner hair cells. The Journal of Physiology, 591(13). pp. i-v, 3105-3451. Retrieved from

Cyriac, A., Holmes, G., Lass, J., Belchenko, D., Calin-Jageman, R., & Calin-Jageman, I. (2013). An Aplysia Egr homolog is rapidly and persistently regulated by long-term sensitization training. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 102. pp. 43-51,
ISSN 1074-7427. Retrieved from  

Bonnick, K., Bayas, K., Belchenko, D., Cyriac, A,. Dove, M., Lass, J., McBride, B., Calin-Jageman, I., & Calin-Jageman, R. (2012). Transcriptional Changes following Long-Term Sensitization Training and In Vivo Serotonin Exposure in Aplysia californica. PLOS ONE, 7(10). e47378. Retrieved from

Awards and Grants
The Rosary College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Leadership and Teaching Award, Dominican University, 2022


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