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PhD, Library and Information science, University Of South Carolina
Selected Publications

Zamir, H. (2020). Chapter 8: Cybersecurity and Social Media (Chang, H. & Hawamdeh, S., Eds.). Cybersecurity for Information Professionals (1st ed.), 153 – 171. Taylor & Francis Group. 

Liu, J., Zamir, H., Li, Y., & Hastings, S. (2018). Search Systems and Their Features: What College Students Use to Find and Save Information. Library and Information Science Research, 40(2), 118-124. Retrieved from 

Liu, J., Tu-Keefner, F., Zamir, H., & Hastings, S. (2017). Social Media as a Tool Connecting with Library Users in Disasters: A Case Study of the 2015 Catastrophic Flooding in South Carolina. Science & Technology Libraries, 36(3), 274-287. 


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