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Gina Braun a Lecturer of Education, instructs undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Education. Her teaching primarily focuses on preparing pre and in-service special education teachers, covering topics such as general characteristics of disabilities, literacy development, behavior, and equity. Her scholarly efforts are dedicated to equipping special educators with the knowledge and skills to advocate for equitable access for students with disabilities. Annually, she presents her work at national conferences. Furthermore, Dr. Braun provides consultation to local schools and families, assisting in the development of systems and processes to support students with disabilities. Prior to higher education, Dr. Braun taught special education in Chicago Public Schools and served as an instructional coach for new teachers in the field.

PhD student, Special Education, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
Master of Education, Special Education, Loyola University, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Selected Publications

Braun, G. & Tejero Hughes, M. (2021). Making it work: Teaching reading comprehension to students with autism spectrum disorder. Educators: Past, Present and Future Perspectives. Nova Science Publishers. 

Hughes, M., Braun G., & Barcus, C. (2021) Preparing Special Educators for Inclusive Classes: Focusing Experiential Learning Experiences on Content and Disciplinary Literacy Instruction (Ch. 4). In Jenkin, P. (Ed.), Learning to Teach: Curricular and Pedagogical Considerations for Teacher Preparation. Rowan and Littlefield.

Braun, G., Walter, S., Emerging, C., & Brown, C. (2021). Special Education Teachers Share Their Crisis Teaching `Experiences. Voices for Educational Equity16(2), 41.

Braun, G., & Tejero Hughes, M. (2020). Examining Teachers Practice: Enhancing Reading Comprehension for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Teacher Education and Educators, 9(3), 287-307. Retrieved from ERIC - EJ1281781 - Examining Teachers Practice: Enhancing Reading Comprehension for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Journal of Teacher Education and Educators, 2020

Braun, G. & Hughes, M. (2020) Enhancing the comprehension of students with autism spectrum disorder. Special Education Research Policy and Practice. Retrieved from Enhancing the Comprehension of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Teachers Share Their Experiences Gina Braun and Marie Tejero Hughes - Issuu

Kumm, S., Braun, G., Brown, C., & Walte, S. (2020). Teacher preparation. In Maggin, D. & Hughes, M. (Eds.), Developing teacher leaders in special education: An administrator's guide to building inclusive schools, 1-16. Routledge. Retrieved from Teacher Preparation | 1 | Developing Teacher Leaders in Special Educat (

Selected Presentations
Horton, Katelynn & Braun, G. ( November 2023). Childhood Special Education Diagnostic Testing and Language Bias: The Implications for Multilingual Learner. National Association for the Education of Young CHildren Annual Conference, Nashville, TN.
Barcus, C. Weisling, N., & Braun, G. (May, 2022) Equity Mentoring: Utilizing Leadership Roles to Support Culturally Sustaining and Strengths based Approaches. PLUS Teacher Leader Speaker Series, University of Illinois at Chicago.
Barcus, C, Weisling, N., & Braun, G, (March 2022) Equitable Mentoring: Recognizing Flight, Fright, and Freeze Responses. American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Annual Conference, New Orleans.
Barcus, C., Weisling, N. & Braun, G. (March 2021) Mentoring for Equity: Helping teachers recognize and challenge their assumptions and biases. American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Annual Conference. Virtual
Braun, G. (March 2022). Dismantling Academic Ableism in Higher Education Part II. Rockford University Brown Bag


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