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BBQ in the Quad / Keynote in Springer Suites
Free, Registration required

Join Dominican University this summer for a Juneteenth celebration on Thursday, June 13, 2024. A lecture and BBQ are planned and both are open to the entire community, including families. RSVP for the BBQ and/or the lecture separately.

11am - 2pm 
Family BBQ in the Quad



Keynote Address - “ Where Do We Go From Here?”
Danielle Walker, PhD
Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for the Village of Oak Park

How do we draw from lessons learned from Juneteenth to continue to forge a path of racial justice during turbulent times

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Dr. Danielle Walker is the proud great granddaughter of formerly enslaved Africans and grew up in the Ferguson area. She is extremely proud to have been awarded the  NAACP Chairman's Image Award for her activism She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado-Denver in the School of Education and Human Development and achieved her Master’s degree at the University of Missouri in Public Affairs and Policy.  Her education background is grounded and centers on an intersectional racial justice lens to address interlocking and intersectional systems of oppression. Dr. Walker has had the profound honor of serving in professional roles that ignite her activist roots for dismantling social barriers that inhibit the livelihoods of marginalized communities. Dr. Walker's professional and educational background is rooted not only in understanding the sociopolitical histories of power, privilege, and oppression, but more importantly, how to disinvest, disrupt, and dismantle these interlocking and intersectional structures of oppression. 

Dr. Walker's  research is grounded in addressing the intersectionality of inequities and cultivating research practices from a Critical Race Theory framework, lens, and praxis. Her research focuses on the stories of the oppressed and bridges traditional African storytelling within research infused with Critical Race Theory, Critical Whiteness Studies, and Intersectional Black feminism.