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Mercy, Grace, & Music: The Miracle in the Mundane

John McCutcheon grew up hearing stories about mustard seeds becoming great trees, little feeding many, singing breaking down walls, the mundane becoming the miraculous.  So it is little wonder that he developed an eye, both as a songwriter and as a storyteller, for the extraordinary hiding within the utterly ordinary. He does this with surprising elegance, all the while dazzling the listener with his mastery of no less than a half dozen instruments.

John will take you on a journey through a series of stories and songs that, while seemingly unrelated, are part of a miraculous whole, far greater than the sum of its parts. Come prepared to sit back, then sit on the edge of your seat, engage, imagine, fill in blanks, and probably even sing.

Johnny Cash called him, "The most impressive instrumentalist I've ever heard", while Pete Seeger claimed “John McCutcheon is not only one of the best musicians in the USA, but also a great singer, songwriter, and song leader. And not just incidentally, he is committed to helping hard-working people everywhere to organize and push this world in a better direction.”

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