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Major: BA in International Business (2007). MBA in Marketing (2011) 

Job title & Company: Sr. Marketing Manager, Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing at Blue Diamond Growers
What do you like to do for fun? 
Travel and explore different places. As well as checking out restaurants. I love trying new foods and have a big sweet tooth. 

How have you carried the Dominican motto of Caritas et Veritas with you since your graduation? 
I have been in Multicultural Marketing since 2011 because I am passionate about marketing to diverse communities. As a first-gen Latina, I believe it is important to advocate for the power and importance of not only my community but all diverse communities. Multicultural audiences are driving population growth, have strong buying power and are more important than ever to businesses. If businesses want to grow, they must market to diverse communities in authentic ways. They must take the time to learn about them and cater their services/products to them in an authentic way in order to win their business. 

As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, Dominican strives to serve today’s diverse Latine student populations. What advice would you like to pass on to the current and future Latine stars following in your footsteps? 
Follow your passions! It is ok to try something and not like it. It doesn't mean you failed. It simply means that you have the opportunity to do something greater. And don't forget to help others while going through your journey. You never know who you can have an impact on and vice versa.