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Photo and article courtesy of the University of Arkansas

Feb. 17, 2022

Marilyn Rhames ’96 has been selected for the Pahara Institute Fellowship, a program that brings together leaders in educational excellence and equity, especially those serving low-income children and communities. Marilyn is a graduate student at the University of Arkansas, author and speaker. 

Marilyn is currently researching "the intersection of faith, race and education" and expects to complete her PhD in education policy in May 2024. Throughout her career, Marilyn has leveraged tenets of Christianity to advocate for policies that promote educational justice for children and families living in fragile communities.

Marilyn earned a bachelor's degree in English from Dominican University. She is among 23 new Pahara Fellows who were purposely selected from different ethnicities, ideologies, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds to explore racial justice concepts in education together.

To learn more about Marilyn, read the full press release from the University of Arkansas.